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Hey Boys Stop Masturbating to Blondes

The first results are in ! Here goes a quick analysis of the vocabulary used in the video titles on Pornhub.

The corpus is a collection of all the titles from the first 10 pages of Pornhub for the second week of August. Hopefully a regular collect of Pornhub data may lead to some chronological tendancies, but we aren’t there yet! Pretty much every graphical sequence between two spaces is considered a word, which gives us a whopping total of 1752 words. Keep in mind,that’s a relatively small amount! But, I suppose consumers aren’t really interested in the actual prose.

This being said, the porn world benefits from a surprising variety of vocabulary to describe what seriously seems like a rather repetitive scene changes.

Here’s the word cloud created by wordle.  The most prominent word that isn’t a grammatical link word, is well, not surprisingly “fucked”. All kinds of things get “fucked” in porn videos anything from pussy, ass, milfs, and a wide range of specified ethnicities. Following closely behind “fucked” is “pussy” which comes right after.  The word “cock” follows at the top of the list, as you can see in the numbers below.

Though “pussy” may seem pretty obvious, the fact that “cock” is at the top of list, just goes to further show what other lab studies have proved …. penis envy is a huge motivating factor in pornography. No matter what their sexual orientation, men love to see a penis 😉  even if they’d tell you otherwise.

The adjective at the top of the list is “big”, which is usually coupled with “big tits”, “big cock”, “big busty blonde”. Again size definitely matters when it comes to porn video titles!

Of all the potential racial, ethnic, or other physical specificities we could expect to see in porn vids, I was surprised that blonde was at the top of the list. Worse yet when I calculated the repeated segments (two words or more in sequence that are repeated two or more times in the corpus), the second most frequent segment was “busty blonde”.

Come on guys!!! Seriously! Can’t we do better than “busty blonde” repeated in 5 different video titles? You’ve also got versions “blonde teen” and “big tit blonde” in three vids each while poor brunette’s get only “big tit brunette” in three titles (I’ll never understand what it is you see in them … for having tested, they aren’t the best tasting girls out there!).

Your only saving grace is that “natural tit” is fairly high up on the list of most frequent repeated segments… the organically grown varieties seem to have some importance 😉

Black is the racial adjective that has the highest frequency (even when excluding the word used as a last name for some pornstars), followed by in decreasing order: latina, japanese, asian and last ebony (variation of black). In this corpus, other races weren’t represented which doesn’t mean they don’t carry their own importance in porn vids, just not in the ones collected that day. Future collections can tell us if this is a tendency or something particular to the second week of August.

Though I have harped on the high frequency of blondes in this corpus, the amount of one-shot vocabulary, words used only once, is huge compared to other genres of writing. This goes to show how much the imagination is greatly at work when creating porn vid titles. I haven’t even gone into status/age specifics like MILF or wife, teen etc. And have totally ignored interesting sex acts in this post, so do stay tuned!!

So show off your creativity and broaden your horizons to explore other pornographic figures than “busty blondes” …

Cherry-Popping Fetish Night Out

This first post has actually nothing to do with text analysis, but I thought it would be a fun place to start.

I had the opportunity to go to the Nuit Elastique, a Parisien reference in Fetish nights out, with a strict dress code of vinyl, leather, or latex. Though I’ve already frequented the BDSM scene, I was quite the virgin when it came to such large gatherings of fans. I can safely say now – cherry popped, and will be back for more 😉 (sadly where else in Paris can you dance to Depeche Mode …)

My curiosity, as usual, lay in how the participants were going to express being a dom or sub, is such a distinction always clearly marked and respected?

I ask such a question because depending on the venue, BDSMers seem to more or less elitist when it comes to showing off their distinction or being able to navigate between both roles. For example, being novices to the world, my partner and I were greeted with rather condescending remarks in sex shops catering to this arena – “don’t buy a gag, just order her to shut up”. It was almost as if we couldn’t decide for ourselves what kind of BDSM roles we wanted to play. Perhaps giving orders isn’t really my top’s thing, or being simply ordred to “shut up” isn’t quite an incentive enough for me to just obey … Aren’t there other ways of expressing dom/sub desires without putting ourselves in a box order/obey?

I digress, but here’s some more kink for thought before getting back to the Nuit Elastique. Checking out the names of guest’s remarks at a dungeon for hire in London gives examples of blurred lines between the dom/sub distinction.

  • Sir Smith and his princess
  • Lady Desire and her brat
  • Duchess Bree and Princess Dolly
  • Incubus and Succubus

A brat is by definition someone who doesn’t obey or rather gives orders his/herself. Sir/Princess, Duchess/Princess, Incubus/Succubus puts both parties almost at the same level or at least we are far from the Master/slave dichotomy. There is definitely more to this than meets the naked eye !

The non-verbal costume communication at the Nuit Elastique was much the same. Clearly identifiable subs had their own hierarchy in certain circumstances. In a sort of food-chain-like hierarchy, there were subs of subs being whipped while their mistress cautiously overlooked, an apparent dom handed off her hand cuffs to her sub while she allowed herself to be tied up and strung by another, for the whole party to see, and yet another dom gave felatio to other men while her sub watched – we are seemingly not in necessarily marked distinctions of “hey if you’re a Master just order her to shut up”.

Thankfully for practicing BDSM fans everywhere, there appears to be endless layers of possible roles to adopt and bring to life- it’s all left up the limits of your imagination !

– keep playing !